Creativity under the Creator

Creator Workshops uses LEGO Education™ material to give students a dynamic, practical understanding of STEAM concepts. Our goal is to assist students in developing their enjoyment and comprehension of the fundamentals of engineering and problem-solving. Students have a fantastic opportunity to express their creativity as they apply their knowledge of concepts to LEGO models. Creator Workshops also sends select students to the annual World Robotics Olympiad where their capacities are stretched and matured in a competitive environment. We have something to offer to all ages!

"A phenomenal teacher and programme! I can't recommend Creator Workshops enough. If engineering, robotics, programming and creating is in your child's DNA then this is for you."

Tricia Cullen

“My sons can't wait for their classes and always return excited and ready to share what they have learnt. This is saying something for a class teaching maths, science and engineering.”

Michael Rogers

“While basic computer classes are offered at most schools, this prepares them in no way for the skills they need in order to keep up with the daily progress in technology, mechanics and computer engineering. Creator Workshops exposed my daughter to principles of engineering and technology in a way that is not just fun, but I believe vitally important in today's generation."

Lara Reeves

“Creator Workshops has been teaching my son important concepts regarding physics, especially in the field of mechanics. Lego engineering makes this learning process fun and interesting. Lego has really helped to shape his mind and experience of the world around him.”

Rosa Scheepers

“Lego Robotics has been an exciting and highly rewarding experience for my son. He has been challenged to think outside the box in the many projects he has been asked to do in class, and has also learnt to work with other students in a team. I am very grateful to Evan and his team for patiently and gently instilling in our children a love for creativity under the creator via robotics engineering.”

Mulenga Katabua