Evan Cantrell

Lead Teacher

Our primary teacher is Timothy Evan Cantrell. He began by taking LEGO Engineering classes for 6 years. His team then won first place in the National Robotics Olympiad in 2012 and 2013. In 2013 they went on to represent South Africa at the World Robot Olympiad in Indonesia.

Evan is a member at Antioch Bible Church where he serves in music and child-care ministries. He was raised in a pastor’s home and has trusted in the Lord Jesus from a young age. He greatly values the ministry of the Word of God and the fellowship of the church in his life. Because of his personal faith, Evan does not want to simply use students as a source of income, but pass on the truths he has learned from his own Christian education. He has a passion for South Africa’s future as a nation and under God. He is at the end of his high school career and has been accepted with full scholarships at The Master’s University in California (based on his high academic achievements and his personal testimony). However, because of his desire to serve this country he has chosen to stay in South Africa and study at Wits. He began teaching with Junior Engineers for Africa several years ago, and now he has started Creator Workshops as a means of funding his university education and passing on his valuable skills to the next generation. He is recently married, and lives in Limpopo with his wife Tarryn.

Michelle Cantrell

Supervisor / Assistant Teacher

Michelle Cantrell earned her BA in Christian Education at The Master's University in California. She is married to Tim Cantrell, pastor at Antioch Bible Church. Together with her husband she moved to South Africa as a missionary in 1998 and has lived here ever since. She has 5 children, and has been teaching in various capacities since she got her degree. She has also taught LEGO Engineering for several years.

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