Ages 5 - 7

Creator Workshops has recently launched courses catering to small groups of younger children. The younger children work from the LEGO Duplo Early Simple Machines Set. The main focus of these courses is helping young students to develop early fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, in addition to introducing them to fundamental concepts of mechanics. These essential talents are taught through fun easy models that will keep children entertained while they learn.

Ages 8 - 10

Creator Workshops’ primary teaching material is the curriculum developed by Hands-on-Tech. For more information about this curriculum, you can click on this link. It is CAPS – Applicable, and is based off of LEGO Education’s Simple and Powered machines set (9686), which we provide for the use of our students. The primary objective of this course is to accustom students to the fundamentals of engineering and problem-solving. Students who complete this course will be able to work with the 6 Simple Machines, Mechanical Advantage, and Gear Ratios, to name a few. They will also be able to apply these concepts to real world problems.

Ages 11 - 16


The Mechanics class is designed for students who wish to build a strong foundation in Mechanics and Structural Design before proceeding to Robotics. It is ideal for older students with less prior experience with Educational LEGO. In this class students will work through material from LEGO Education which will help them to understand the fundamental principles at work inside machines and structures. They will become comfortable with concepts such as the 6 Simple Machines, Mechanical Advantage, and Gear Ratios. Students who complete this course will be able to design powerful and stable LEGO structures and mechanisms, and will be able to apply the same principles to real world scenarios. It also helps students develop a strong practical grasp of problem solving.


The Robotics course is designed for students who have extensive experience with the engineering side of LEGO Education and are ready to move on to more advanced challenges. The primary purpose of this course is to introduce students to the logic of programming and the important connection between physical design and functionality. Students will have the choice to compete in the World Robot Olympiad which will give them experience with digital and real world problem-solving, as well as experience with team work and working independently under pressure. Students who excel in this competition may even win the chance to compete internationally.

Advanced Sets

Exciting Expansions

Comprehensive Resources